Maldo is a graphic artist & illustrator from Bratislava, Slovakia. 

Always trying to approach his work conceptually, his signature style is defined both visually ︎ by bold, distressed lines, edgy shapes and dotted︎patterns and thematically ︎ by showing ordinary things in an unconventional and playful way. These are the main tools of creation he uses to explain complex thoughts through simple, witty illustrations, often with multi-layered meanings.

In 2018 his work has been recognised by the Computer Arts Magazine, featuring him among ︎ "25 Best Illustrators to work with".


Selected clients:
Meredith (Time Inc.), Travel+Leisure, Pilsner Urquell, Standart Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, Next Media Accelerator, Škoda / We Love Cycling, Grape Festival, Surf Office, Avocode, Decent, Never Enough, Michal Kordoš

︎ Slanted Magazine #36—COEXIST (2020)
︎ Computer Arts (2018)
︎ Creative Bloq (2017)
︎ The Design Tip (2017)
︎ Étapes (2017)
︎ Picture Desk (2017)

Selected Press:
︎ Ballpit Magazine (ENG)
︎ (SK)
︎ Standart Mag (JP)
︎ Slovak Startup (ENG)

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