The Last Selfie On Earth

 ☠️🌱🌎 Submission for the World Illustration Awards 2020

💣Many hidden meanings and references to the current world problems including the absurd use and impact of social media and technology, anxiety, depression, separation, climate change, pollution, ice melting, diseases, name it.

🎧 While working on this particular piece I've listened to a lot of Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack / Serenity OST and @foals ENSWBL.

🌎 I took the initial inspiration from my old (maybe my very first proper) colourful illustration I did like 10 years ago. And I reworked it from scratch. It was a funny-looking guy sitting underwater with water mines/explosives breathing through a plastic straw.

︎ #worldillustrationawards#WIA2020

︎Watch the process (time-lapse video)